I’m sure that those of you that have blogs understand the problems with spam. I am always excited to get comments on my blog, so when I see a new one, I would like to think that someone is actually interested in my writing and what I am doing in my little chunk of the world. However, about 50% of the time it seems to be the comments to my blog come from spammers. Somewhat disappointing to read those, a bit of a let-down that it wasn’t really someone who is reading your blog. It does make me think though. Do you get paid to be a spammer? If so, I wonder what it takes to spam someone for a living. Do you get paid well? How much work is involved? Then I might be able to stay at home and knit all day. Or clean the house.* Although, I wouldn’t want to be the person people despise for filling their inbox with pharmaceutical adds and stock quotes.

*of course i would clean the house! what, you wouldn’t? :o)

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