How I Neglected to Tell You What I Did For Christmas

Now, I don’t mean where I went, who I saw, or anything like that. I mean what I made. But I figured I would tell you now, because there are some things I thought were pretty cool, so I am sharing before it gets to be too long (like AFTER Valentine’s Day!)

I decided to make food-stuffs for gifts. Nothing is better than food for people who you don’t know what else to get for them! (Unless they are gluten- and sugar-free people. Then you are screwed.)

I made different flavored sugars and salts, mixed up some spice blends, and packaged them in neat little bottles.

I made bread and cookies and biscotti. My favorite had to be chocolate gingerbread biscotti.

I made various types of chocolate. Chocolate blocks and peppermint bark and hot chocolate on a stick.

I attempted to make vegan marshmallows, which failed, but I think I know why so I will be trying again.

I made homemade caramels. SOOO good!

I made candied citrus peels and citrus marmalade. Also scrumptious!

But sadly, I didn’t take any pictures :o( It all tasted good though!)

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