I’ve been doing more around my house, getting much more accomplished, but it seems my list of things I want to try keeps growing, no matter that I have time to work on stuff, albeit only a small amount. I’ve discovered a number of new blogs with new ideas that I want to try, and I have the ‘stuff’ to try it with, it is only my dedication to sitting down and actually doing that is missing! This has been plaguing me, and I have mused about what is wrong with this picture, and I have come back to realize I have lost track of what my priorities should be. Instead of watching everyone else who is living the life I want, I have to gear up and do myself, instead of whining about no doing.

Part of the wall that is between me and what I want to do is non-negotiable. I have to spend time with my daughter, and doing so in a room that is full of sharp instruments of torture crafting is not ideal.  I need to keep a veneer of clean on my home so that my husband thinks I am being a productive wife and won’t make me go back to work. I also am required to transform food from one incarnation to another in order to meet the nutrient demands of said family. On the other hand, my crafting drive is being blocked by my own ineptitude for organization. My studio is once again a mess, and I need to clean it up. That being said, I will not show you further images of my shame and spasmodic state of living. Instead I will distract you by this pretty image of swap-y goodness that I received last week from a great partner. While you think of ideas for what I can do with all of this, I will be creating a Mecca for my creative outlet. I’m thinking the gold fabric might be good for a bag, however the rest is still to be determined.

 crafty swap results

Please feel free to share your ideas about what these random assortment of things might become. If I don’t return here within a reasonable time, contemplate the idea that my studio has swallowed me whole. Or I got distracted by sappy movies and bon-bons.

(Sister Diane gives and an example of what my studio looks like at the moment. Except imagine the one table spread across three tables, two shelves, and the floor.)

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