Ugh! This weekend has left me totally sleep deprived, as well as exhausted from physical labor, so today I’m going to leave you with some things that have caught my eye. I hope to update you on more that has been happening in my house tomorrow. Until then, enjoy!

 image via H is for Handmade

  • I am a nature girl, Riley is a nature girl, and I think this acorn cap hat is perfect for her! I’m sure I can find some yarn in my stash!
  • Looking for beautiful inspiration to get you in the holiday spirit (if you aren’t yet?) Try looking at Gifted Magazine, which I cannot remember where I stumbled across it from, but there are definitely some ideas that I am going to give a try this year!


 image via Creature Comforts  

  • I had a random-though-process, which is how my brain works, and I ended up thinking about a movie (don’t remember the title) that was made, probably a decade ago, where these kids found a watch that slowed down time so much it looked like things were standing still. There is this one scene where they pass through water falling from a sprinkler, and the water drops just shift to the side. Now, seems to me that if they hit water drops a such a high velocity, they would vaporize from the force, not just slide out of the way, right? Food for thought.
  • Speaking of holiday crafting, how great would this pom-pom garland look in some kind of winter/holiday scheme?! Now that I know how to make pom-poms, this would be super easy!

image image via One Pearl Button 

  • I’m thinking these pillows need covers, so they go better with the room. Any suggestions? But perhaps that will have to wait until after the holidays.


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