Bigger Small Slippers

p>I was inspired to make my little one some slippers when I took her for summer camp in June. She didn’t end up needing them for the camp, which is a good thing since I did not get them done in time. I had a hard time coming up with a pattern, since most slipper patterns are sized for babies, not toddlers. There are a few patterns out there, and if I do try one later, it might be this one. Those might be easier to get on and off better by herself. But that will have to wait until another day!

The pattern I ended up choosing was the Stardust Shoe pattern, which was very popular in the blogosphere when I was pregnant with Riley, but never got around to actually making said shoes for her. The pattern is sized for a baby, though, so I knew I would need to make it bigger. Since the shoe pattern itself is fairly easy, I had her stand on a piece of paper and traced her feet for my measurement purposes. Then I made a muslin, to see if they would fit. I used fleece for the sole and muslin for the inside and outside fabric. I only put interfacing on one side, and because of the height of the heel, I didn’t turn the heel over the elastic, instead I just left it loose in the back.


The muslin shoes were a little small (she also outgrew some of her shoes in the period between when I started the project and finished, so mostly it was due to growing, not miscalculations on my part), and the elastic didn’t stay put very well in the heel. So I resized the pattern, made a casing for the elastic, and used interfacing as the original pattern stated for all of the pieces. Riley picked out the main fabric, and I choose the coordinating pieces. (She now loves to pick out fabric, and will frequently go through the baskets I have out for decoration and bring me ones she likes. Mostly, she likes them all! Plus she understands mama will make something for her if she does.) They fit great!IMG_5406

I added some puff paint to the bottom to prevent sliding of the fleece soles on the un-carpeted floors in our house. IMG_5417

It is still a little warm to wear these most days around the house, but she asks me to help her put them on once in a while. While it was a pain at some points to sew through seams, interfacing, and fabric at some points, it was worth the result. Don’t know if I’d do it again, though! The only other detail I would change is to put the slits for the elastic in the front of the shoe farther apart, so they fit just that much better.


Success is measured by the fact that she wants to wear them. Why do clothing items I make for her have such appeal and toys languish in a corner?