Making the Cut

I had a lot of time today to work on my projects, and while I did work on some spinning that is in progress, none of my current knitting projects called to me. Instead I went for the shiny new things that I have been itching to cast on.


First some self stripping socks out of Twisted Limone’s Spooky colorway. I have been wanting some simple stripy socks for me, and I added a small cable to keep it interesting. Totally from my head. I didn’t like the color in the ball, but now that I am knitting it I really like the subtle depth of colors and how the different stripes go together. Also, I figure I can finish these in time for Halloween, thus being able to say I have socks for that holiday!


Second, I have been meaning to knit this scarf for Riley since I spun this yarn up. She asked me when I was spinning it if she could have something out of it, and mentioned she needed a scarf. I think she even helped spin a few yards by treading the wheel. The fiber is Falkland, dyed by Into the Whirled, color Serenity, one of the club colorways from last year. Pattern is the One Row Handspun Scarf by the Yarn Harlot. I’ve knit this pattern before, so it was one that was simple and came to mind.

As if I didn’t already have anything to knit. I am now ignoring my other WIP’s, and am considering a sweater. I was close to casting on today, but that might change in the next few!

Post Retreat Wrap-up

When I mentioned that I accomplished a lot of knitting and spinning this weekend, I meant I did a lot more than I have done in the past four months!




  • Finished Riley’s pink stripy socks, which she happened to talk about to Grammie while I was away.
  • Finished 2oz of the Wool Gatherings roving I bought last year at MDS&W.
  • Finished the 43g of undyed English Shetland I received from Highland Handmades
  • Bought a new spindle, and immediately spun 18g of purple sample fiber from Daily Fibers on it.
  • Proceeded to sit on two of my spindles, snapping them. Luckily their manufacture has a lifetime guarantee.
  • Also succumbed to two new pretty yarns. (What can I say, I am weak)

I hope I can continue to be productive, however since it is now after 9pm and I was planning on being in bed at 9, plus the kitchen still needs cleaned, I doubt that I will match this output for a while.

Fiber-ific Weekend!

This weekend I spent 3.5 days with some fabulous fibery people. Jess of Storied Yarns created a retreat for us at Fall Creek Falls State Park in TN. I conned one of my knit group members into making the drive down (I didn’t have to twist her arm hard!) and we stayed Friday and Saturday night, staying at a hotel half way home on Sunday night so we didn’t have to rush on our way back. There was lots of knitting, spinning, crocheting, and batt-making, as well as much sugar-binging and fireside revelries. The weather was less than sunny, so I didn’t get to do any hiking to enjoy the beautiful surroundings I could barely view from the car drive past, but I enjoyed my time, and hope to go back next year!






After a bit….

I have done a bunch of crafting in the interim, and have lovingly thought of my lone readers left bereft of my thoughtful prose (sorry cousin!!)

But today I sat down and did a project that I have been planning for the last week as well as one I picked up on the spur of the moment in the craft store today.

pink skirts

I made two skirts for my little one!

The left one was fabric she picked out of my fat quarter stash, and then some coordinating fabric. I didn’t use a pattern, just cut the elastic band 2” (5cm) longer than her waist measurement, cut the top of the skirt piece the same width, making the side flare in a slight A-line shape. I cut the bottom band the same width as the bottom of the skirt panel, then sewed everything up. It fits great!

The right was one I saw at the store in the half price bin and immediately thought of making her a play skirt. I simply seemed the end into a tube, folded the hem over and stitched it, leaving an opening for the elastic, which I added. I made it a little big, but that just means she can get more wear out of it. Simple, effective, and she immediately put it on and didn’t take it off until bedtime.

Ahh, the satisfaction of crafting!

In return, she gave me her cold. Thoughtful child!


Only a Smidge…

I think my UFO/WIP pile is out of control. I have 12 projects on needles.

Let me flash them for you, and you can tell me.

IMG_8112 IMG_8123 IMG_8119 IMG_8118 IMG_8146  IMG_8143 IMG_8141 IMG_8140 IMG_8137 IMG_8135 IMG_8128 IMG_4795

(I kinda felt like the Count… 1, 1 WIP! BAHAHAHA!)

So, some of these are gifts. Some are not. Some have not been touched in over a year! Some need to be done now, some can wait, but not long. Suffice to say, I have decided I cannot cast on anything else.

What has this caused? Why yes, MUST CAST ON ALL THE THINGS!

So the day after I took most of these pictures, I cast on a hat. Just one hat. It took two days to knit.

image_medium (1)

Isn’t it cute?

I still feel the itch to cast on something else. Since I can’t cast on, I think I am compensating by buying more yarn. This isn’t a problem either, right?!

(pattern is the Icing Swirl Hat by Ysolda Teague)

Tales from the Toddlerhood: Vol 1, Issue 3

Tonight my child, 3 yo, is telling me that she wants to be a devil for Halloween, not an elephant like we discussed.

3yo: “I’ll go home and find all my yarn, and you can knit me a devil costume!”

Aww, how sweet baby, but you know mommy can’t knit that fast right??


What’s for Dinner??

My anniversary was on Monday, however I ended up feeling poorly that day opted to go out to dinner with my hubby that night for our celebration. I had already purchased the main ingredients for the meal, and since it was seafood, I wanted to use them quickly.

So tonight, accompanied by screaming children and glowing candles, we had our ‘fancy’ dinner


arugula, fig, and goat cheese salad


green goddess rice, seared scallops with orange saffron aioli

We don’t eat a lot of seafood, but these are really good, and I have kept the recipe to make occasionally because my hubby loves it. The rice and scallop recipes you can find on I recommend them because they came from the 5 ingredient show and are really simple yet tasty. The arugula salad I made up after my mom told me she made something similar. It is basically a little lettuce/greens with a bunch of arugula mixed in, figs, goat cheese, and arugula flowers with balsamic vinegar drizzled over it. As far as the local parts, the basil in the rice, the greens in the salad were from my mom’s gardens, the figs were from my grandparents, and the arugula was from my garden.

What are you eating?

(p.s.: this is the card hubby got me. what is he trying to tell me?)

Tales from the Toddlerhood: Vol 1, Issue 2

“Tomorrow the sun will come out and the Earth will be beautiful!”

Have a good day!

college paper writer


Recycled Washday

I had purchased a cast iron wok, and for some reason that now escapes me, I thought that the box would make a perfect washing machine/dryer for play. So I made one for my little ones to play with. The only thing I bought was the brads, which I needed to have in my crafty house anyway, and really, for less than $1 it didn’t make much of a dent in my wallet!

First, I have to state that this was made easier because there was an insert with a circle already cut out. I used that to make the circle on the front of the box, then cut it out.


Then, I used the cut out piece as a door, trimmed it to be a bit smaller, and cut out a notch in the top so little fingers could grab the door and pull it out. I also cut some small pieces of cardboard to make a latch for the door side. I used duct tape to cover them.


I then used some of the paper that came in another shipment to wrap the outside, used duct tape to secure the front edge, and clear packing tape to secure the paper like a present. To make the duct tape go around the hole, I cut slits every inch or less to help it fit the curve.


I also notched the one side and taped the latch part to the body of the box. I bought some brads to secure the latch to the door, which I covered in paper and decorated to look like clothes.


I used duct tape as the door hinge, and rummaged in the recycling to make buttons and drew with a black magic marker for the other details. Finished!


And action!


The only problem was that since the box was thinner, it tended to topple forward, but my daughter used one of her bigger blocks to weight the bottom. Brilliant kid that one!

Also, when we went away this summer, the duct tape holding the door didn’t stand up to the heated house, so I have to find a better way to secure the hinge.

For the future, I have plans to knit some felted soap nuts/dryer balls, and possibly make a cardboard wash basket.

A Little of This, A Little of That

However, not much blogging!

I made a shirt for myself and some gifts for my nephew


Knit some squares and spun a little


Did some cooking


Decorated some cakes


Have done a smidge more in the garden then I have on the blog…

…which isn’t much.

And took a trip or two.


What have you been up to? Hopefully I can post more regularly again, but don’t hold me to it!


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