I have always wanted my own little world, and now I have one! I am starting a blog, mostly because I want to share my knitted experiences with other who share my interest, especially since my family and most of my friends are insane for thinking knitting is boring uninformed about the joys of knitting.

I have been knitting for one year and one month. And yes, I would consider myself obsessed. I started to learn when I was younger from my grandmother, but never really took off with knitting. I have wanted to relearn for a few years, and last year I saw some cheap yarn and needles around Thanksgiving, so I bought some and plunged write in. My husband bought me the Stitch n Bitch book for Christmas, which was very helpful for learning how to knit. In return, I knit him this warm cozy hat that was one of the patterns in the aforementioned tome:

.Knit Hat

I have also knit 6 scarves, 2 pairs of adult socks, a pair of baby socks, a baby sweater, 2 other hats, a ninja mask, a few washcloths, and 3 wire napkin holders. I have also crocheted a few beaded braclets.

I am currently working on a pair of socks, a childs poncho, and more wire napkin holders.

Continue to check back soon, I am working on completing the display of my blog.

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