Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope this year is the best year of your life.

I am still working on the blog style, however I think it is coming along nicely. I even have a title for my blog now.

My loving family tried to help me come up with a name the other night. None of them are knitters, although they tried their best, bless them. It started off innocently enough, them giving me names, most of which have already been claimed by knitters. Then my sister started giving out bad poetry, and my husband took it from there. Here are some of the most painful noteworthy comments of the night.

Ella: Two rows diverged at needles end, and I took the one less raveled.

Davis: Tough actin’ Scarf-action

Ella: I’m needles and you’re yarn, anything you throw at me I make something of.

Davis: Someone knit me a brain

Ella: Anything you can knit, I can knit better.

Davis: Knit your face.

And together, they came up with: YARN = Young and Rusty Needles.

No, there was no alcohol involved.

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