Happy Birthday Ella!

Hooray! My sister is 24 today! (No, that does not make me feel old at all. Especially not after my MD told me that I was old enough now to have my cholesterol checked yesterday.) For her birthday, Ella got my first completed pair of adult size socks. (I had many false starts. I’m sure you understand.) 

 These are made from Patons Kroy Sock Yarn in colorway Krazy Stripes. The pattern is one I made up from failed attempts at other socks. (I actually tried to knit three other pairs before I did these. The first pair I did not like the way the pattern was looking as I got to the heel. The second I started, and I liked the pattern better. Then I started a third set, because I got some new yarn, and wanted to use the one color right away. Then, after knitting almost to the toe, I realized that this sock would not fit my slim-ankled sister, but a 8ft tall basketball player with chunky ankles. So I then became concerned about pair #2, reworked the calculations and determined that they were not as bad as pair #3. But still wouldn’t fit my sister.) Anyway, now she is enjoying the first cuddly pair of socks. I almost kept them.

0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ella!

  1. Thank you stephy. I saw the failed attempts at socks and this pair turned out great, I feel special to be the first to get an original stephy design.


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