Maybe if I tell people…

I have been knitting a little less since my break has ended. I did finish another pair of socks. I gave these to my sister at her birthday party.

So she has two pairs now. And I have none. I also finished the poncho I was working on.

See what happens when I tell people I don’t want to do something? I get it done. It is a bit large for the cousin I had in mind, and all of my other bigger cousins wouldn’t fit it either. It almost fits me. Maybe I need to work on the math thing. Like actually believing the gauge when it tells me that it will measure 21 inches across the rectangle. I have also learned that my picture files are too large, and that is why my page loads slow for some people. Maybe if I tell people that my husband said he would help fix the problem on my blog, he will then get right on it. Just like my poncho.

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