Sock Obsession

I have been knitting. What, you might ask, (of course you asked!) have I been knitting? Why, I have been hit with a lighting bolt gently persuaded to knit socks!

This is the Fancy sock I was working on for my mom.

No, it is still not done. I hate have serious concerns about this yarn. It is Lion Brand Magic Stripes, in color Lumberjack. Now, I have other Magic Stripes yarn, yet this colorway is thicker and not as soft as those other colors. I have no clue why, as the yarn labels have the same gauge information on them. Maybe someone can explain it to me who has more experience in these matters.

The reason I have not finished one of the above pair yet is that I keep getting distracted. I decided to knit some friends who are expecting baby socks with the left over yarn I have from Ella’s birthday socks.

Cute, huh? My mom informed me that she wants something to fit into it, and could I make it sometime soon? Maybe I’ll dig out one of my old dolls and put them on it, and give it to her. That will make her happy, don’t you think?

I have also started a pair for myself.

These are also made from Paton Kroy sock yarn, in colorway Paint Box. I like them, and they will fulfill one of my goals this year.

And when I’m done?

Why, I’ll knit more socks, of course!

p.s.: believe it or not, all of the above were sale purchases. I know!

0 thoughts on “Sock Obsession

  1. Hi Stephanie –

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog! It’s always fun getting new commenters. Congrats on all that sale sock yarn! I never catch yarn on sale… sigh.

    I’ve never knit socks before, but the more I see bloggers knit, the more I’m intrigued to try!


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