Spreading the word

I have started a club at school for students who want to learn to cross stitch, crochet, and yes, knit.

I had been knitting at school to finish presents for people, and my students wanted to learn. They said we should have a club, I should start it, and it should be called Stitches. (Did I mention I love teaching at this school?) So I agreed, I did, and it is.

Yesterday was our first meeting. I had seven girls show up, half of who wanted to cross stitch and the other half wanted to crochet. (I know, but I have hope that some of them have said they want to learn to knit who couldn’t make it yesterday.) So between some very excited and impatient students, I taught the basics of both skills in an hour, and by the time I was done, I felt like I had been run over by a truck. However, it made me very, very, very proud that my one student came back 4 hours later, (we also had meet the teacher night for the second semester) and showed me her inch-plus-some scarf she had crochet. Her mom came by as well and told me how she was also trying to teacher her sister. By my second period class today, she had a foot.

Hoorah for me converting some other poor unsuspecting soul to the obsession of fiber arts!

0 thoughts on “Spreading the word

  1. I have taught a few adults and kids to knit, and I just love when they get all excited about being successful. My former neighbor wanted to learn and I showed her and then tried to get her to make a hat.

    “I want to make a sweater,” she said.

    She stayed up half the night for a week and made her husband a sweater! He loved the sweater but was concerned that she had lost all interest in everything but knitting. It can happen….


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