Socks, Sales, and Soapboxes

I’ll start with some soapbox shouting…

It irks me that some knitters with blogs (who will remain nameless) have their blog set up so that you cannot comment on their posts without a Google/Blogger account. Seeing as I already have 3 personal email accounts, 2 logins for the network at work, a login for the help desk, another for the scheduling system, at least 2 for web-based activities for my classroom, and many, many accounts for other online activities of both personal and professional natures, I am positively piqued that someone, especially a knitterly person, wants me to have another account purely so that I post a comment.

As for sales, I have found a shop called Stitches, just like my club, nearby. The good news is that they had a groundhog day sale where everything was 50% off, and I got this stuff.


I swatched a pair of socks for my husband using the US2 bamboo needles I bought to give them a try. This is my first time using any wooden-type needles, and it is definitely different. They are lighter and the shop owner was right, stitches don’t slip off the needles normally.

The bad news is that they are going out of business in March. However, maybe I can buy more needles if I decide I like them.

I have also been knitting more socks. I am still working on my Paint Box Socks. I also started this pair for my mother, see why below.


They are Regia Canadian Color, and are nice and soft. I told my mom I am going to steal them. The picture is awkward as I have been working too long and need some rest before my brain is fried.

And to wrap up all of the title together, I am putting the lone, lonely Fancy Silk Sock in a time capsule. It will be accompanied by the story told here. It was my mom’s idea. There is no use trying to wait for another ball of this yarn to become available. I have been checking to see if the Magic Stripes Lumberjack Black yarn has been in anywhere, and no one has gotten any. I went to Lion Brand’s website, and the description of said colorway was grayed out like they don’t have anymore. I emailed Lion Brand this message:

When will more of your magic stripes lumberjack black yarn be available in stores?

Now, maybe I didn’t explain my problem clearly enough. This is what they wrote back:

Hi, You can locate stores in your area that carry our yarn by clicking on “local stores” at the top of our home page. Not all stores, however, carry all of our yarns in all available colors so you will need to check with the individual store. You can order any of our yarns in any color online at or by calling our toll free order number at 1-800-258-9276. With Warm Regards, Lion Brand Yarn Company

I tried thier online store. No Lumberjack Black.

What is up with this??? Did these people actually read what I wrote, and check their store? Do the just have some person sitting in an isolation both answering emails from a script? A person who has not been told of any of the changes occuring at Lion Brand in the past year? 

So I wrote back. The yarn I need? Discontinued!

(I didn’t like this yarn in the first place, so I am not considering this a huge loss. However, could they have told me this the first time??!!)

0 thoughts on “Socks, Sales, and Soapboxes

  1. Ooh, Sensational Knitted Socks is a great book. In fact, it’s the book that taught me to knit socks. One word of caution: SKS makes no accounting for negative ease. The first couple of pars I made were a bit too large.

    Too bad about your mom’s socks! Receiving a boilerplate answer to a customer service inquiry is all too common. Doesn’t it make you want to tell them what they can do with their “warm regards”?


  2. I think my blog is set up that way, but I swear I didn’t do it on purpose. They had this new “Blogger Beta” thing see, and it looked cool….and you totally can’t go back, so now I’m stuck!

    There are things about it I do like, but I miss being able to completely mess around with my template. I keep thinking about finding another blogging …er … platform/thing, but then I don’t entirely know enough about it.

    Oh well, anyway, its been lovely having you post on my blog!


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