Pink Hats

I got new yarn yesterday to make a hat.

Now, please know, I am not a person who typically likes pink. In fact, I think it is genetic, because my grandmother does not like pink either. She makes a face that will clearly convey her contempt for anything pink if you describe something someone wore in that color family. No, I don’t have a picture, however now that I think about it, that face would make amusing blog content.

So, if I don’t particularly like pink, why did I get this yarn to make a hat? 

In November, I was at a Terps football game knitting my sister’s green socks I gave her for her birthday, and a friend asked if I would knit him a hat. He wanted a hat like my husbands, but he wanted it to be with yarn like the socks I was knitting, and he wanted it to be pink and purple. (no, he wasn’t really demanding, it just came across that way as I was writing it. I got all of this through a series of questioning. He did say please.)

So I searched for pink-purple, self-striping, bulky yarn. There is a lot of pink yarn, there is a lot of purple yarn, and many styles of self-striping bulky yarn, however to find the combinations together, I had some trouble. The best one I found was this, in the color Impatiens. So I sent the picture to a friend, and he said he wanted more pink. (yes. more pink.) I searched some more, and found this yarn, Bernat Masala, and ordered it. I noticed it didn’t have any purple, thanks. Hence why it took two months to get the yarn. I am worried he will not like my hat because 1. it doesn’t have purple (maybe he is color blind?) and 2. what if he like the pattern it will make. I put ordering off to avoid the anxiety. (Boys can be very picky about what they will and will not wear. In case you didn’t know.)

Anyway, I swatched the yarn up, and this is what I got.

HAHAHA! You can barely make out the stitches, can you? Me, either! How am I supposed to get gauge? And, the needles I was knitting on (which are coincidentally hot pink as well) kept catching on the fuzz, so I had to practically rip every stitch through. It is not going to be nice happy smooth knitting, is it? (I think that this is all punishment from two days ago when I noticed I am not frightened by knitting in any form. Great, thank you, all-that-is-holy-about-wool! Now I will just be cursing at my knitting instead of cowering in a corner. I guess that is better.)

So after much squinting at the swatch, I figured out my gauge, estimated my friend’s head size, and started. This is what I have so far.

Yes, the knitting is still a pain in the arse unpleasant. However, I like the stripe transition. And it is going quickly, much more quickly than the socks. Even though it is *gasp* acrylic/polyester, I sorta like the feel of the knitted product. Maybe my sister would like an afghan out of it. Yeah, maybe in this color. Or this one. (Ella is not a big fan of pink either) However, I might have to teach her to knit so I don’t suffer a stroke over the knitting part.

My plan is to have it done by next weekend, when I see my friend next. That gives me plenty of time. ;o) (Ignore me, all-that-is-holy-about-wool, I am not worthy of notice.)

In non-kniting-related news, we had snow here this week! I wanted to share the pretty scene with you. I took it on Wednesday, when I didn’t have to go to school.

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