Appreciations and Depreciation

First, thank you to all who gave me some feedback on my questions. Go here in appreciation!

Now, I have finished the pink hat!

The knitting gods ignored me for the most part, however I did hit some snags. Like this one:

And later on, I saw this:


I don’t know what it was. It was black, not yarn, and would not come out of the strand. And of course it is in the lightest part. However, I made it the wrong side and all is fine.

I appreciate the fact that it was a smooth progression of tones, and that it was practically instant gratification. Now I feel more motivated about the socks. (The socks have reached the black hole of knitting. All of them. They don’t seem to be coming out any time soon.)

I still am not fond of the yarn, with it’s snags and acrylic. And the fact that it was pink. Plus, I did not enjoy the fact that I had to rip every stitch through. Did I mention that the ripping was much more pronounced when doing a k2tog decrease? Oh well, I have suffered through and did not come out worse for the experience, so I might use what I have left to make a cousin a hat. (Bite your tongue!)

I also got my Interweave Knits this weekend! It looks yummy, and as soon as I finish the socks and other projects I have the yarn for, I really, really, really want to make this:

We wants it, precious!

0 thoughts on “Appreciations and Depreciation

  1. Hi-
    The finished hat is really cute bummer it was so much trouble.
    I am also very in love with that cable sweater, it is #1 on my list. Though I am still waiting for my magazine, hope it comes this week.


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