Wanna be knitting this…

Since we are still stuck in the black hole on the socks, (and I hope to be done one by the end of the week, as I want to start the next one on the ski trip this weekend,) we will post what we desire to be knitting here. (You like my royal we? I am hoping the attitude breaks the willpower of the socks.)

First, I will start with the most recent. As discussed in the previous post, I want to knit the Cable-Down Raglan, from Interweave Knits SP07. I am also intrigued by the green tea raglan, the indigo ripples skirt, the keyhole top, and of course, any and all of the socks.

Ever since I have seen the Maltese Shawl, from Victorian Lace Today, I have wanted to make it, color and all. It is so vibrant, yet lacy and feminine.

Plus, I want to knit a sweater for me. I haven’t decided what yet, although there are many styles I like. I do know I want to to be somewhat fitted, so I don’t feel like I am wearing a bag. I also want it to be usuable for work, so even though I like the Central Park Hoodie, I am leaning more towards something like this.

Gatsby Girl Pullover Interweave Knits 06

*Sigh* back to the plain-jane socks (but you can’t stop me from dreaming!)

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