Neglected, but not forgotten

I have been fairly lazy busy this week, so I have not been blogging. Last weekend I went skiing with friends in West Virginia, the oh so Wild and Wonderful state. We didn’t see much wildlife, except a few wild turkeys. Then Tuesday and Wednesday I had some kind of stomach virus, so I did not feel very well. Then Thursday I had to teach an evening class to substitute for another teacher who was at a conference in Las Vegas (I know, could you pick a more interesting place to have a conference full of teachers? I would love to know what is staying in Vegas this weekend. Then again, maybe it is better I don’t know.) I though about blogging on Tuesday and again on Friday, however if I don’t sit down and type, it doesn’t get done. (go figure.)

There are only two knit-worthy posts from the past week. First, in WV, I took the plunge and unraveled my mom’s sock. 3/4 of the way done, and she says it is too big. No, this was not the first time she tried it on. Yes, I swatched before I started. Yes, I checked my gauge before I unraveled it. Sometime during the black hole of knitting, or before, I got 8 sts to the inch. How different is that then my gauge swatch?? 1 whole stitch! (I was getting 9 sts/in on the swatch) It took me a few days to get up the courage to unravel it, but I had help. Did I mention I went skiing with 5 boys? The one thought it was great that he could help unravel the sweater, and he walked across the room singing, “If you want to destroy my sweater, hold this thread…” It was cute. Another one thought it was great amusement to watch the sock being unraveled, so he helped too. All of them could not believe that I was ripping out weeks worth of work.

The other thing that has happened was yesterday, I had my first meeting of what I am calling my “String Thing”. A few of my friends and their friends met at a local coffee shop yesterday morning and we did things with string. I and another girl knitted, I taught someone else to crochet, and one of my other friends made bracelets from embroidery thread. All in all an eclectic group, but we had fun. There were some husbands/friends that are male that came, and they just enjoyed the company, so it was a multi-modal affair. I’m so happy I got to do that, and we have decided to make it bi-monthly.

And I guess there was one other knit thing. I didn’t think I took pictures of anything, however I was checking my pictures, and I do have one of the boys in WV, who asked to try knitting.

**UPDATE: Thes picture will not post to the site, I will try again later.

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