Moving Blues

We moved. Today I got a desk and finally hooked up the computer. I am going to attempt this blog, as the internet here is sketchy demands patience. We don’t have cable, and from what I understand from the local tech department (my dad) we are trying to use the same type of internet that provides the internet for your cell phone. Wild, I know. I have tried to blog from school, however the firewall wouldn’t let me upload content. I tried to blog from here before, however it didn’t go through. So I’m trying again. I have missed my computer, and the internet. If this doesn’t work, I might have to go out on the 130 acres we live on now and blow something up. Something big. Like the tractor that my grandfather has rusting in our front yard. (You don’t know my grandfather. One word describes him – packrat.)

0 thoughts on “Moving Blues

  1. I hope The Internets continues to be kind — but if not, blow up the tractor and then be sure to blog about it by any means necessary! 😉


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