Before I start, Cheryl’s blog link didn’t work yesterday, so you can find her here.

Ok, so here are some of the things that I have been trying to blog about recently, however I have had problems with the internet, so here are my thoughts, after being penned in my head (haha! a pun!) for so long.

First, I am disappointed with my club at school. I have only had about 5 show up after school to do some kind of needle work. The way our system for clubs and organizations works at my school is that the club meets once a month for 20 minutes (yes! 20 minutes! what can you teach a person about knitting in 20 minutes!) during our ‘homeroom’ time. If you want them to stay after school hours, you can try, but between sports, getting a ride, and hanging out with friends, most of them are so busy. They really need something that will make them slow down. This would be great if I could have them for some lenght of time. I will keep trying, however.

Also, to let you know, I have not been knitting much of anything. Too many other thing, packing, moving, unpacking, and such. I am starting to dive back in. I had my first meeting of my ‘String Thing’, and we knitted, sewed, made bracelets, and enjoyed the hot chocolat. (Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures to show the fun!) I am going to have another one this weekend, so if you happen to be in Carroll County, Maryland, I would be happy to tell you where we are! 

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  1. I had a hard time getting interest with a middle school knitting club. However, elemetary school was great! The flag blanket was a LOT of work. For the first two years I did just generic, no matching colors, squares. Getting the teachers and parents involved was important. As for the club, I wouldn’t worry about having only 5 students. As they get more proficient, they will show others. Have some simple but cute projects for them to work on. And, my kids all LOVED variegated acrylic yarn. We started with spool knitting and went on from there. The squares for the blanket were the third project–first was 6 ft of spool knitting to make a hot pad or something. Second was a 15 stitch headband or purse. Third, was the square for the blanket. After that, kids could select a project. A popular project was a washcloth out of cotton yarn with a reverse stockinette heart in the middle. When the kids finished the washcloth, I gave them a bar of scented glycerine soap. They could either give the washcloth and soap to their moms or keep them.


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