Security Testing

I was on Harlot’s site this morning, and she was discussing her airplane knitting woes. Since I have started knitting relatively recently, and since I don’t fly that much, I haven’t had any experience getting needles or scissors through the security. (I skimmed through and read a few of the shared experiences, and it does seem that security is not really all that secure.)

So it got me thinking about how you could get needles on board or what you could pass them off as to get them on board (I know, devious little minx I am). There is a coffee house I go to frequently in Westminster, and the girl who works there wears a set of 8″ straight knitting needles in her hair frequently, like those thick hair pins that look like chop sticks. When I saw them for the first time, I thought, “Yes! That is so cool!” She said she got them at a thrift shop specifically for the purpose of wearing them in her hair, and since she doesn’t knit, they don’t get used for that purpose. (I am trying to convert her though. She seems open to the suggestion.)

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I have never seen security ask someone to take hair accessories off. So if you are going to be knitting socks, you could always use your dpns to keep your hair in place, and pull them out to knit with. It would be interesting to see if anyone would comment on them when worn as an accessory.

If anyone tries this, let me know how it goes! :o)

0 thoughts on “Security Testing

  1. I flew internationally recently, and I had no problems taking my needles (metal DPNs) on board. In fact, my knitting needles have never been questioned any time I’ve flown with them. Small blunt-ended scissors are technically allowed by TSA guidelines too, but I’ve never packed them in my carry-on.

    However, it may just be that I haven’t yet had the misfortune to come across a security agent who’s having a bad day.


  2. I have heard from one woman that she hides her Addi turbo circulat needles in the underwire of her bra! Not as convenient to get started knitting as the hair pin idea!


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