Yay for a knitterly comeback!

Since I moved, I haven’t blogged much, nor have I knitted much. This has now changed.

To start with, I got my new books last night!


I have heard a lot about Elizabeth Zimmerman, and after reading part of Knitting Without Tears, I am sorry that she is no longer with us. She has such an excellent conversational style to her writing, it is wonderful reading. If you are someone who has not read her books, I highly, highly recommend them.

Today, I started off by going for a run, to get myself into better physical shape (not something I have been doing a good job keeping track of in a while). Then I went to Starry Night for some tea and my String Thing. Only three of us were there, which was more intimate.


Bri was working on a bracelet in our school colors, and Melissa did a little of the soft fuzzy scarf she was working on. I knit on my Paint Box socks that I haven’t touched in over a month. They are much happier now that they aren’t being neglected.

Then, Bri and I went to the Common Market near Frederick. I love organic food stores, and I wish there was one closer to Westminster. *sigh*


This is the loot I got at the store. I am trying to save some of the vegetarian jelly beans, however the outlook for their time here on Earth appears limited.

Anyway, it was a good day. I think I am going to go knit more!


***UPDATE: Pictures are still not being uploaded for posting. Post will not go through with pictures in it. I have tech services (ie: husband) working on the problem.

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