More irritation and glee

So I am congratulating myself because I have avoided second sock syndrome and cast on for the second in my paint-box socks pair. I have also been taking my sock around and exultantly modestly sharing my enthusiasm for my sock that is done. (I’m sure everyone loves it as much as I do! They are just so overwhelmed to appropriately express their marvel and awe!)

This book arrived today! I am so excited, I have been waiting like a patient child on Christmas morning!

However, of course, I STILL AM NOT ABLE TO POST PICTURES! Plus, my blog writing tool has changed the appearance of my posts, although, as of yet, it is not affecting my publishing ability. I tried getting a flickr account as well, however it is still saying it can’t post pictures. Is it possible that my blog has turned against me?

Nah, I gave it life. Offspring never turn on their parents.



0 thoughts on “More irritation and glee

  1. I hope the picture-posting thing gets sorted out soon, because I’d really love to see a picture of a completed sock. My needles don’t know what that looks like!


  2. I’d like to see a picture of your socks too!

    Other than that… check out my BLOG to see the partial goodies I have to offer you in the Stash Swap — Let me know if you like it and whether you want it or need me to adjust the goodies in there.

    I’ll need to hear from you by 3pm Central Time on FRIDAY, April 6, 2007 OR you won’t hear from me until after the weekend.

    Have a great day!


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