Stolen: Lessons from your stash

I read Some Knitting Required’s blog, and she was discussing her lessons learned from her stash, and I loved the idea so much I stand on the shoulders of greatness to share my lessons.

My lesson would be that a dye lot of variegated yarn can be VERY different from a picture on the net. There was an Opal sock yarn in fall colors that I saw on the net and loved! I had to have it! I bought it because it reminds me of fall when the leaves are changing with their breath-taking array of colors; it has red, yellow, and forest green. I was inspired to make a pair of socks from it with a lace pattern that reminded me of falling leaves. I started researching leaf lace patterns before it even arrived.

However, when I received the package, the colors of the lot I got were much more red and green, and hardly any yellow. It just wasn’t as inspiring as I was thinking it would be in person.

On another note, in additional news, I now can post pictures! Yay for the most amazing tech support in the world! Thank you Husband!

So now I can show you my sock.

I have started on the second of the pair, and there is proof!

Also, other pictures I have not been able to share;

Pictures from my last String Thing,

Books I have gotten recently, (yay!)

Spring has sprung…

…and cute kitty in a tree!

0 thoughts on “Stolen: Lessons from your stash

  1. I wouldn’t say you stole it – borrowed is a much nicer word. 😉 I realized that I don’t own a single EZ book. Would you recommend like Knitting Without Tears?


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