I finished Casts Off, and if anyone noticed, there was a card in the back that asked for feedback from readers. I …

1. typically hate these cards, especially in magazines, because the are obnoxious and are unnecessary if I already have a subscription to the magazine.

2. rip them out with a fervor, even if the magazine was not mine.

..however, due to the fact that I did not discover the card until the end, therefore it is not obnoxious, and that I just finished reading a knitting book I enjoyed, felt warmly to the card. I decided to write my thoughts on the card and send it in. Here is what I said,

“Congratulations for agreeing to publish someone as amazing as the Yarn Harlot! That was an excellent move on your part. I love the illustrations inside, they really brought the idea of this as a ‘travel’ book together. One suggestion though – publish more books by knitters.”

I would have written more, but the space was too small.

I also organized my stash today. I was looking for yarn to swap, and decided (after I had ripped everything off the shelf) to put it back neatly. This is what the organization looked like before…

…and after.


It doesn’t look like I have as much yarn now, does it? You know what that means!

I was also playing with an idea I had read about in one of the knit catalogs. They sell those magic marbles (the ones that are cheap kaleidoscopes) to use to imagine color possibilities together. Well, I happen to already have a nice kaleidoscope at my disposal, so I thought I would play with some color combinations. First, I lined up my yarn,

then I took a picture of them through the kaleidoscope (hence the somewhat blurry pic. Cameras don’t focus well through kaleidoscopes. Binoculars though? Different story.)

Now, the colors are more like the first picture, but do you get that these go very well together?! What can I make out of them? I know that there are many people on the Chevron Scarf craze, and I’m not totally attracted to this pattern. I could make chevron socks, there is a pattern in Sensational Knitted Socks. But this is merino, and as far as I am aware, this is not typically what you want to make socks out of. Does anyone have any other ideas?

0 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. What a good idea to look at yarn through the kaleidoscope! I am running short on ideas but I have made socks with 100% merino and they’ve stood up pretty well. I don’t wear them that often and only handwash them, admittedly they are a bit high-maintenance!


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