Hubby and knitting

You know the ‘look’? The one you get from muggles who you try to show your knitting accomplishments to? The look that means you are off your rocker? I only get ‘the look’ from my sister or my dad about my knitting. My husband, on the other hand, is very supportive about my knitting. He brags about it at work, showing his co-workers my blog. (When I have met some of them, the first thing they say to me after, “Nice to meet you.” is , “So, did you bring any knitting with you?”) He is very proud of the things I make him, and is mildly interested when I talk about my knitting. Even so, the following conversation we had this weekend came as quite a surprise.


Me: “You know, I was thinking I want to take a trip to a yarn store, since we don’t have one nearby.”

Husband: “What’s there?”

Me: “Well, yarn, and other things. I was thinking I could go next Friday when I have off of work.”

Husband: “Do they have yarn stores in D.C.?”

Me: “Why?”

Husband: “Because we are going there this weekend, and since we’re going to be there, we could go to one then.”

Me: “Really!? You would want to go with me?!”

Husband: “Sure.”


So, does anyone know a good yarn store I can visit in D.C?

(Husband has also mentioned on a number of occasions that me buying yarn is not a problem, and that I can buy as much as I want. We’ll see how he feels after our trip.)

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  1. All you have to do is Google “DC yarn stores” and you’ll practically have a shopping list ready for you, complete with maps and directions. I don’t get to travel — yet — but I do this when Mr. Beth goes on Big Deal Business Trips and sometimes goodies find their way home.

    BTW, don’t forget about your swap yarn — go see Ann K. at Yellow House Treasures and pick what you want… I’ve been waiting on you!

    How are your Hogwarts Swap Socks coming along?


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