Mini-Tour of DC

So yesterday was a busy day for husband and I, packed with fun and discoveries.

First, we went to Stitch DC, in Capitol Hill, to look for yarn. I wanted a particular kind of yarn for socks. They had yarn, but I didn’t end up buying any because they didn’t have what I was looking for. They had some beautiful silk and bamboo, soft merino, and I even saw some lace-weight linen yarn! What do you make with that? It seems kinda heavy and has no give for a shawl. I did get two Rowan magazines that have tons of beautiful things.

(It’s a good thing that I am not hit by Startitis often, or I would have hundreds of projects on the needles. As it is I think I will be hard pressed to finish all of the projects I want to make.)

The girl there was very helpful, making recommendations for the yarn I was looking for, and the shop itself had an awesome feature. A central courtyard that you could go sit in and knit or hang out, with a dogwood tree blooming in it! That would be great to go visit and knit in, if only it was closer to home. :o( Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures to show it.

While at the shop, a girl had brought her boyfriend for the first time. She wander the shop, feeling yarn, while he sat on this couch, calling people once in a while on his cell phone. At one point, she came back to him with a ball of yarn, held it out, and said, “Isn’t this soft and pretty?” He looked at it, touched it, and responded, “Well, it’s soft and I guess it’s nice…” She seemed somewhat disappointed, saying, “I think it is soft and pretty.” He tried to salvage the situation by saying, “Maybe I’m the wrong person to bring to a yarn store.” Cute. There were other interactions that made me laugh. They kept me entertained while I was shopping.

Nearby was a bike store that a friend of our worked at, so Husband went to ride new bikes and talk to our friend while I was looking at yarn. We didn’t realize before we got there that it was right next door to the yarn shop. Sure was convenient, or our conversations might have resembled the above. This way, everyone spent their time with people who share their obsessions interests.

After leaving the stores, we went to a nearby restaurant called Banana Cafe.

It is a Cuban/Mexican/Puerto Rican place with a piano bar. I ordered a quesadilla with plantains, which are like bananas. It was delicious! Husband’s assessment was, “Excellent”.

Then we went to our friend’s for his birthday party. Husband told everyone about my blog, so here are some of the pictures for those who attended. (The one with the cat is the b-day boy)


It was a good time. We got home late, very tired.

Somewhere along the course of the day, I finished my paint-box socks!

I wore them the rest of the day, they were soft and warm, very comfortable. They make me want to wear only knitted socks from now on. (Too bad it takes so long to make a pair, and there are many other obligations I have to take care of.)

Well, it was nice chatting, but we are having guests over today, so I have to go clean now.

(Ha! cleaning! more like I am going to shove things in a corner and clear off some surfaces. Fun)

One thought on “Mini-Tour of DC

  1. Hey Stephanie! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! That was a fun quiz – I’m all about anti-social behavior (although my hubby tells me I’m not nearly as anti-social as I’d like to think!) Love the socks – what beautiful, cheery yarn!


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