Rethinking the lessons

So after posting a few weeks ago about the lessons in my stash, I got to thinking about that Opal yarn I have. You remember, the one I wasn’t as thrilled about the colors when I got it? I had read somewhere (I don’t remember where, I think it was on someone else’s blog) about how the colors look closer to how they will knit up if you wind a ball from them. So I decided to wind it into a ball to see whether this would change its impression on me.

This is my Opal Herbstmelodie pre-winding. Note the predominance of red.


So, being that I have never had to wind a ball before, and I don’t own a ball winder, I remembered reading about nostepinde in one of my knitting books (again I don’t remember where I read it, and no, I am not looking through fifteen books to find out which one) and looked it up online. These instructions were very helpful. My next problem was finding a nostepinde. I was going to make one from a thick dowel rod, however I never got around to it.

One day, I was cleaning off my desk, and inspiration struck! I could use one of my larger needles! So I started to wind my ball, following the above instructions.

I also used a suggestion I read on someone’s blog (Come on! I read tons of blogs, I can’t document these things!) about using a lamp shade if you don’t have a swift. It works great!


Slowly, the ball got bigger. I got bored, so then it sat on the table next to the couch for a week.

However, I got a chance yesterday to wind it up. (Plus I was cleaning, remember? This counts as cleaning, don’t you think? Getting the yarn off the table, 2 points!)

Now this is my Opal, all wound up.


Pretty good for my first ball winding, don’t you think?

I am now much more impressed by this yarn and excited! I’m thinking again about the prospects of knitting some fall-like socks… (as if I don’t have enough socks to knit!)

One thought on “Rethinking the lessons

  1. I think someone visited my blog and suggested using a lampshade after I had rewound a skein or two. (I wasn’t smart enough to have known that already.) Boy, your skein wound up a lot prettier!

    I used a t.p. tube for ball-winding once. The right diameter, but too much flexibility.


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