Too Many Blogs!

Ok, so what have I been up to?

Some knitting, which I will post about later.

I am ashamed to admit that I read so many knitting blogs. I am not ashamed to say I read them, but that I have had a crappy system for reading them that takes me forever. To give you an idea, I started filing them in alphabetical order in my favorites after I realized there were over 100. I add more to them every day. As of now, I have 60 blogs filed under A-C alone. Yes, I read them all. However, it was getting to be a hassle to read every one and keep up-to-date. (This is also why I don’t post a list of links on my blog. It would take forever to add to them.) Since some are updated frequently, and others not so frequently, it takes me a week to get through all of them. I decided I had to come up with a better way of reading them.

So, I have been subscribing to blogs. I am using Google reader, since I already have an account, and I have been going through them subscribing one at a time. I started earlier this week, and I am now finished. Now, I know who has updated and can read those blogs! I love it!

And if you were wondering if I read your blog, the answer is probably, most likely, yes.

0 thoughts on “Too Many Blogs!

  1. A friend mentioned the bloglines service to me at Stitches West in February, so I subscribed. It’s great! I’ll add your blog to my subscriptions. I made markers in many colors: I got a multicolored bag of silver lined seed beads, and my DD makes beaded necklaces, so she had some larger beads. She pressed some white mother of pearl beads on me, which I used to make a raibow set. Each marker uses a pearl bead and two beads of a rainbow color. I also got some Czech glass beads to use for my Hogwarts sock swap partner, so I made some Gryffindor and some Slytherin markers. Some of the Czech beads were purple, so I added pink and red seed beads to them. I think I made about 20 sets of 5 markers.


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