KnitWiki, knitting, and kittens

This is awesome! There is a KnitWiki! For those of you who don’t know, a wiki is a place where anyone can edit and contribute to the information found there, like an encyclopedia. That means you may have to check your facts, however it can be an awesome resource for knitters! So share your knowledge so everyone can benefit.

I have been knitting some. Nothing really to show. I have 4 projects going. One pair of socks for my Hogwarts pal, which I am not ready to show yet, one pair of gift socks, a baby sweater for a gift, and the project pictured below. That is ‘’ from Knit Scene sp 07, for those who are wondering. The yarn is Lion Brand (yes! believe it!) Organic Cotton. I wanted to try it, and it is the softest cotton I have met. My grandmother, the knitter, was also impressed by how soft it was.

I have received some yarn recently, increasing the volume of my stash. (I can’t buy anymore. I’m not allowed. You spend enough on yarn…oh! pretty yarn!)

I purchased this from J.L. Yarnworks.

It is sock yarn in Desert Mesa and Homesick. The yarn is slightly variegated in shade, so it should be very pretty knit up. (BTW, I checked out her store again, and she’s got some new colors up! The embers is beautiful! Don’t touch it, I want it!)…(Oh dang! I promised not to buy more yarn! stupid self control!)

She also sent this cute stitch marker along with my order.

Sorry for the blurry picture. I’m not good without the flash to back me up.

Yesterday I got my package from Beth.


This was in exchange for some yarn I sent her. She also sent chocolates, however they were melty, so I put them in the freezer so I could munch them later. Isn’t the yarn great?! I especially love the Kroy with the purple, and the Sockotta reminds me of jeans, so they should make something especially nice and comfy! Maybe a small sweater? Or socks? I’ll have to think about it.

In other news, we have kittens now as well! One of the barn cats had kittens about a month ago, and we found them this past weekend. So I leave you with pictures of cuteness.

(yeah, so I staged the last one.)

0 thoughts on “KnitWiki, knitting, and kittens

  1. Ahhhhhhhhh baby kittens! They are so cute that they overshadow the great yarn. My cat used to be able to fit in my boyfriend’s shoe except she would climb in on her own. She still likes shoes though she can no longer fit in them 🙂


  2. CUUUUUUUUUTE kittens!!! Thanks for the info on the LB organic cotton — I want to make the cardie from the Spring 07 VK that calls for it, and planned to substitute something else… but I now think I will give the LB a whirl.


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