New addition

 Ok, to continue with the additions down here on the farm, we now have a dog

She is a 10 mo old swiss mountain dog (or one of the breeds related to swiss mountain dog). Want to suggest a name?


  1. Heide

    She is beautiful. I wonder how many people will suggest “Heidi”? It never failed that about half of the people I ever met who owned a female German Shepherd took great delight in telling me that her name was Heidi. I suppose they meant it as a compliment, but it’s really hard to think of a comeback. What about Brandy? or Suki?


  2. Pat

    Hi all I am Stephanie’s mother. I want to let you all know how proud I am of Stephanie’s knitting. She as done some wonderful items for those close to her. I was also the cause of the distress over the missing sock…….Sorry Stephanie.

    PS I like the name Bernice. I know a little prissy but………after 10 months she should have a name.


  3. stacey

    awww – Swissies are one of my favorite breeds! Such sweet dogs!

    Hope to see you in MD – not sure if I’ll make the meet-up, but look for me in my bright socks!


  4. mel

    Hi Stephanie – we met briefly today at Sheep & Wool and I was just checking out your blog – I hope your new pup is doing well!! 🙂 Tad & I have 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs, so when I saw your swissie girl, I had to grin – she looks so sweet! What did you settle on for a name?


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