More stash-flashing (and some teaching)

I have been fairly monogamous lately, knitting on my Hogwarts pal’s sock, of which I can now say I have finished one. I am not posting here, but you will see them soon. Plus, knitting is going slowly, as I am working (who isn’t!?), doing life stuff, and I don’t feel very motivated lately. (I don’t know why, could it be because I have spring-itis? That feeling where you want to be out of school? Can teachers get that too?)

So, I give you the last of my recent purchases of yarn.

First, is yarn from Bright Dyes.

In colorways Child’s play and Sunrise.

Then, I found something I have been searching for… black sock yarn!

This is a mill end of Cherry Tree Hill yarn, in black. (really, Steph? I couldn’t tell. And you haven’t mentioned it earlier.) It is 10 oz (283 g!) of sock yarn from an eBay store, to make these socks that Jen made in January. Really, who wouldn’t want to make those socks? I have been looking for a good black sock yarn since I saw those, and now I have plenty of colors to do the contrast color with! Maybe some of the above?

In other knitting related news, I will be at MD Sheep and Wool festival this weekend. I hope to get to meet some of the other knit bloggers at the meet-up!

Also, I wanted to share this from work. I am always amused by my students’ antics. The juniors had mock-interviews last week, and some of the boys were upset that they had forgotten/lost their tie-clips. (I don’t know, is there something about tie-clips and teenagers that doesn’t really seem to mesh to you either? Where do they get these ideas?) So, in a flash of inspiration, (I wish they had more illuminations about my class content, but I appreciate their flashes of genius whenever, so that I can say later, “Remember when you were able to solve that one problem you had? If you can do that, I’m sure you can do this…”) they decided to improvise with paperclips.

It was great, I had to take a picture.

0 thoughts on “More stash-flashing (and some teaching)

  1. Great yarn will I get a pair of the black and colored socks. They sound wonderful.

    PS Bernice is adjusting well to our new home but I think the cats are in for trouble esp if they decide they want a bit of Bernice’s bone.


  2. HA! I have a 12 oz skein of CTH mill end in PINK from the same place. My stepfather-in-law just made me a swift so now I can dig in without the barrier of all that hand winding!!!


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