Mothers Day Project – Part One

I do not remember how I found out about the Mothers Day Project, I know it was a link from someone’s blog. I have never participated in something like this, however I wanted to help with this. So I sent my email and today in the mail, I received my name.

Staff Sergeant Denise Rose was the first female English soldier to have died in the Iraq War. She was a member of the Royal Military Police’s Special Investigation Branch, and after investigation, her death was ruled to have not been a result of hostile action.

Denise Rose was there to provide support and security to the people of Iraq in the rebuilding of their lives. She volunteered for the duty. She was only there a month.

I wanted to contribute to this project because it was a demonstration of the loss of life these women have made for their countries and for others. I do feel that the US has aided in helping Iraq into the state it is in today. I don’t follow the minute details as to what has been happening in the war, as I disapprove of most of the vehicles that try to deliver me information. I do know that the reasons for which the U.S. began their involvement in Iraq are not straight-forward. Which makes me wonder if the rest of what I have been told by government officials is straight-forward. Which leads me to wonder what the people of Iraq really think of this war. What do they want for a government? What choices would they like to make? How do they feel about the involvement of other countries in their affairs? I know what news stations tell me, however what has been lost in translation and editing?

I don’t know much about Denise Michelle Rose. I would like to imagine that she chose to be there to provide an environment for others to make choices about what they wanted for themselves.

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