Oh, Bats!

Today was a great day. I feel one of the best I have had in a while. Although, it did start out pretty strange.

I woke up this morning, not really fully awake, and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I felt something fly by head. I turned to see what it was, and saw a bat flying right at me! I ducked (and probably squeaked). A bat was in my kitchen. Yes, it woke me up pretty quick, too.

We (of course I didn’t deal with the bat by myself! would you?!) opened the doors and tried to block its way into other parts of the house. We didn’t have to encourage it, it only took a few minutes before it figured out how to get out. We’re not sure how it got in, maybe through the basement? Even knowing the bat would most likely not run into you, it was pretty disconcerting to have it fly straight at you and veer away at the last second.

My students also kept me pretty entertained. We had adaptation projects due in biology. Some of my students started off by giving me chocolate “because you are such a great teacher”. I told them thank you, but I don’t succumb to bribes. They quickly corrected me and said it was purely for appreciation, as they would never think to bribe me. (There seemed to be a hint of sarcasm. Maybe it was just me.)

The projects were pretty great. They had to create a bird that had adaptations that let it survive given certain obstacles. Sadly, one bird was voted off the island only survived two of the five challenges. The rest were great, and some were down-right amusing. One group had developed a ‘regurgitation chamber’ to help the bird stay cool; an extra stomach held water, then the bird “ralphed” (their word) on itself to cool it down. Another group made a video in the style of Jeff Corwin. It was hilarious.

And when I got home today, I found my invitation to join Ravelry in my inbox! I have become more and more curious as I have seen people talking about it on their blogs. Now I get to play there myself!

I haven’t been doing a lot of knitting because I have been doing a lot of grading. However, with only 20 days left, it won’t be much longer until I have lots of free knitting time.

0 thoughts on “Oh, Bats!

  1. That sounds like a great assignment…and you must be a biology teacher to deal so calmly with a bat… English teachers would be quoting MacBeth while jumping up and down and fussing our hair…


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