Sock Tour

Today we have a guest blogger! The sock-in-progress decided it would like to show you around our little farm here. I’ll let it take over now. (BTW, it is my ‘Mom’s Take 3 Sock’. If you are not up-to-date, I will explain later.)




This is the 150+ year old farmhouse. Very cozy, it makes me smile!

I love the lilac bushes outside, they smell pretty!

(Maybe if I get close enough, I will smell pretty, too! Perhaps this is a way to attract a partner and avoid SSS?)

We have lots of barns. This is called the hay barn.

Inside the barn, there is… 


…HAY! (I’m trying to get back to my roots)

We also have other silos, although no one really uses them anymore,…

…and farm equipment, which obviously isn’t used much.

(Grandpa is a pack-rat. I would show you inside the barn, but he might not like that. Just imagine eight washing machines, two exercise bikes, four ladders, six weed whackers…)

I have tried to make some friends.The dog ignored me, although she would probably just chew on me.

The kittens like me though! (Maybe I do smell nice from the lilacs!)

We also have a garden (we have a few, plus some hay fields!)

The faint structure is the greenhouse on the horizon that Husband is building. We hope to have lots of yummy vegetables this summer.

After all of that walking, I’m worn out. I think I’ll take a break here on the swing. Glad you could stop by!

4 thoughts on “Sock Tour

  1. How beautiful. Only where are the sheep? This is a landscape that needs sheep dotted on the lush greenness.

    Incidentally, those metal “silos” are grain bins, not silos. Silage (green stuff) gets fermented in silos, but grain just gets stored in bins.


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