Hated Pink Revisited

So I was cleaning out my stash this weekend, adding things to Ravelry, when I found this.


Now, there are things in my stash that I absolutely love! There are also a few I am not too fond of. This? This is the only thing that I can passionately say I hate.

If you remember, I was knitting a hat for a friend of mine who had some specific requests. I bought this yarn because it was 1. cheap, and 2. the color he asked for. This is what is left from that venture.

I want it gone.

So, instead of throwing it away, or giving it to someone who deserves pain and suffering will make something they might like with it, I am making a scarf to match my friend’s hat. Maybe it will be a present for later.


Other projects be damned. I am getting this over with.

0 thoughts on “Hated Pink Revisited

  1. Ooh. pink. Ick.
    I’m right there with you on the icky pink! I had to wear it for 2 years in a school uniform. Pink, maroon and grey. Icky.

    Get it over with. that’s all you can do!!


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