Projects on the home stretch

I did what I said. Last night I finished the scarf with the hated pink yarn.

I didn’t have enough yarn for it to be quite long enough for an adult, so I might save it for a younger person I might be lucky enough to know in the future. I have decided to call it my Scarf of Two Minds. It’s just K2P2 ribbing.

I am also progressing on my Mom’s Take 3 socks.

For those of you who weren’t here then, I made my mom a sock from Knitting Vintage Socks, pattern Fancy Silk Socks. I ended up with not enough yarn for the second sock, and the yarn was discontinued. The completed sock went in a time capsule. Then, I made another plain stockinette one from the yarn I am using here, and I was two inches (TWO INCHES!) from being done the first sock when my mom decided they were too big. So, I ripped it out, and now I am starting the third sock for my mom. (I love you mom!)

Mom has tried them on, and they fit. Now I am finishing the ankle. Then I just have to make another. (At the end, if all works out, I will have made 4 socks to get a pair. Does my math have problems? Yes, yes it does.) (And I even swatched for the second one. Go figure.)

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