Knitting some lace

I have been working on a lace centerpiece. It is from Modern Lace Knitting (the first one). The pattern is called Azalea. Here is my try so far.

The open circles going away from the center are the middle of the petals. If you can tell, I had started the next row of petals when I realized I had made a mistake that caused one of the petals not to decrease towards a point. I have since ripped this back about six rows, and I can’t tell where I am in the pattern. I think I’m going to have to start over. The other problem with this is that I own a set of Boye interchangeable double points, and they have an abrupt change from the cable to the needle that is hard to slide stitches over at this small of a gauge. I think I’m going to get some more size 2 circs from KnitPicks. However, this will have to wait a while as I realized my second sock for my Hogwarts Sock Partner was wrong and had to be ripped back so I have to reknit it. Sorry Sock Partner!

This weekend I will be going to WV with a friend, and because I no longer have to go to school this summer, I will be gone until Wednesday!

0 thoughts on “Knitting some lace

  1. Oh….so sad about the Hogwarts Sock! I need to get some of Molly Weasley’s knitting needles and get a move on my pair!


  2. If you can take a close up of the needles, I can help you figure it out. So you don’t have to start over. I have the same book and I love that pattern.


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