Yarn Winding

Yesterday, this is one of the things I did. Since I don’t have a ball winder, or a swift, I went to visit my grandmother, who has both. I did all ten balls in thirty minutes or so. I knew it was faster, but I guess I never lived the reality :o) I already told my husband I would like a ball winder and a swift. I would like the hand-powered kind, not an electric one, which went just as fast, since that is the kind my grandmother has. Thanks grandma!

The brown is the rest of the organic cotton for the shorts I am making. The purple on the left is for socks for me, the silver in the middle is silk for a shawl (I’m thinking forest path), and the green and purple on the right is the one I just got from Bright Dyes, I wanted to see what it looked like all wound up.

I still have no finished projects to show, although I have been knitting much more since school let out last week. Yesterday I worked on three of them (the shorts, the socks for my hogwarts partner, and the socks for my mom). I had to rip out the azalea, as previously mentioned, I couldn’t pick it up earlier and figure out where I was. I also had to rip out the socks I was making for my husband because they were too big.

Earlier this week I spent a few days in WV, near Canaan, biking and hiking with a friend of mine. It was beautiful, so I will leave you with some of my pictures from that trip.


2 thoughts on “Yarn Winding

  1. ohhh Pretty pics πŸ™‚

    I don’t have a winder either – It’s on the docket, for sure. Especially after frogging & re-skeining a current project, then re-winding it in order to re-knit. Damn. I will have one. Soon. πŸ™‚


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