Summer-time Love!

My favorite time of year used to be autumn, when the leaves would change colors and it was a visual treat to walk in the woods, when the air got a bit crisper, which was just right because it wasn’t too hot or too cold, when my husband and I started dating, and later got married.

Autumn used to be my favorite time of the year, until I became a knitter.

Since I am a teacher, summer is the time of the year I can focus on my knitting. No kids, no lessons to plan, no papers to grade. Just yarn, needles, and maybe a few patterns.

I have finished two socks today! I just have to kitchener the toe of the socks for my Hogwarts Pal, however I did it once, and it didn’t look right, so I picked it out to try again. (So technically, I guess it isn’t finished. Not much longer though!)

I also finished the first of my Mom’s Take 3 socks.


Aren’t they pretty?!

 (I still love fall. And summer is still hot sometimes. But I get to knit!)

0 thoughts on “Summer-time Love!

  1. When did you get married? I’m not engaged yet (but expecting it soon!!) and I was thinking that fall wedding might be nice. What month did you have it and was the weather a factor?


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