Sogwarts Hocks.. I mean Hogwacks Sorts.. I mean YAY!

I got my package from my owl yesterday! *squeee!*

There were plenty of charms protecting them, so they made it here just fine, even though the muggles tried to cause problems.

All kinds of goodies from my pal!

She gave me my socks, of course, plus the left-over yarn incase I need to make repairs (in case the ‘knitting spells’ don’t hold). These socks are Broadripple from Knitty, and the yarn is a custom dye! And, after checking my secret pal’s blog, my socks got to visit the Harlot

I also got a pair of Boye DPN’s in US1 (and they’re blue!) , a small sock blocker key chain, with matching sock, my first set ever of stitch markers, and some lovely, squishy, beautiful yarn, aptly named ‘polyjuice potion’! Included were also instructions for making a pair of simple socks as well as the instructions for knitting the sock-blocker key chain sock. She soooo went out of her way to make them special! I am very spoiled! :o)

Thank you, thank you, Secret Pal Laura!

2 thoughts on “Sogwarts Hocks.. I mean Hogwacks Sorts.. I mean YAY!

  1. Oh, joy! I’m so glad you got it and you like them! I get so paranoid when i’m knitting for people!!

    The blue needes were a no resist-er! My friend works at the shop where I purchased them, and she was laughing at me for a good half hour because I kept saying “they’re BLUE! They’re BLUE!! *SQUEEE!!!*”

    But I’m so glad you like everything! You were so fun to knit for!!!


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