The best laid plans…

So I understand why Finish-It -Upitis is hard to keep.

Yesterday I did finish one half of my shorts I am working on.

There is something disturbing in looking at how much fabric is needed to cover one’s rear. And that is only half.

So looking through blogs, I saw that Sarah, from Bella Knitting, was working on her Mystery Stole 3 project. She just happened to mention that the sign-ups are still open. So I went over to look at what was going on.

Now I signed up. Yes, for something else. What am I thinking?! I know I have no school for the summer, but I do have some small things that need to be done this summer for the start of the next class in August (Seems so far away, doesn’t it?), and I have a new house I will be moving into. Plus, I wanted to learn some programming to make my blog look like I want it to, in addition to creating some buttons and such. And I am already signed up for Sockapalooza. And Tour de France KAL. And Summer of Socks. *sigh* I guess I will have to download lots of podcasts and knit my fingers off.

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