Weekend Recap and Forecast of What's-to-Come

First, I will let you all know that I wrapped the 1400+ yds of laceweight around my size US15 plastic needle. I have researched nostepindes, and this baby works just as well. My winding skills need some help, however it does the job when I need it. Thank you for those of you who were worried about the ball winding by hand (or around my hand?!).

Second, I have finished my Hogwarts sock pal’s socks and wrapped up the package ready to go.


Could this package be for you?

Third, I swatched for the Mystery Stole 3.

Just ignore the mistakes in the upper left corner. I had already restarted once and ripped back once, I was at the end and didn’t care. I will definitely be putting in a life line while I knit the shawl.

I have a hard time deciding on beads. I like the matte black the best, but admit that they are hard to see. The clear ones are too bling for my tastes, and the shiny black are too…shiny.

What do you think? I was looking on Beadwrangler, and decided that matte grey/silver might be nice…

This weekend I also had a sushi party. I have done this a few times before, and everyone had a great time.

What we do is make our own. It really isn’t hard, although the appropriate amount of filling takes some getting used to. Plus, I don’t do raw fish since I don’t have a fish market nearby that I would be comfortable trusting the quality of the fish from. So we do veggies and sushi omelettes (yes, there is a difference, it has to do with what you add to the eggs) and maybe some smoked salmon or cooked shrimp for those who eat fish. The supplies that are on the table are not really hard to get either. I have a sushi cookbook that tells you how to prepare many kinds of sushi (not just rolled!) and tells you what materials you need, but honestly you don’t *need* any of it. You can make hand rolled sushi without needing a bamboo mat. If you want to make the rolled kind, all I did was get some cheap placemats, cut them in half, secure the ends, and viola! The other stuff you can use what you have in your kitchen for bowls and plates. The ones I have were gifts from our wedding, but are not necessary. The ingredients are necessary, however now you can find all of it in your local supermarket if you wanted.

So, for this week, I am going to mail my Hogwarts package today, and then I am going to knit as much as I can on other projects, until I get beads, then I can focus on my Mystery stole! Hope your weekend was as fun as mine!

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