I have been working hard, and this is my summer break! (I know, wahwah, you don’t care because you still have to work, not having the glamorous life of a teacher.) This past week I was called into work to help with interviews (background info – I have been working at this school for a year, and they call me to help with the interviews! While I am not looking for responsibility, I like feeling needed.) Interviewing people is interesting. First, do people realize how they come across to others? I swear this one woman discussed her research career for ten minutes, and covered her teaching career for three. Second, after being in on a few, it’s slightly boring. I’m glad I don’t have to do this every day. Tomorrow I have to go back to work, all week, regular schedule, for a workshop. I know, no kids, but these things can be brain-overload sometimes.

On Wednesday the 4th, we went to some friends for a bar-b-q, and everyone who has had a baby in the past six months was their with their kid. This is the first wave of baby-making for our college friends, and it was strange. Makes me think about waiting a few more years before having one of my own.

This weekend, we took off spur-of-the-moment style to visit Husband’s cousin and a friend from college in/around Philly, PA. It was fun, we laughed, walked around Valley Forge, ate Indian food, and laughed some more. All in all a good trip. At Valley Forge, we corrected much misinformation on our parts about what happened there, as there was some debate prior to arriving about what happened and when. It was a beautiful day.

I guess I was feeling a bit festive earlier this week. I knit another ball-band dishcloth in patriotic colors. Other knitting the past week included finishing a sock that will be a gift, starting the second sock and knitting to the heel (these are anklets, so that isn’t much), starting another ball-band dishcloth, and then progressing with work on MS3. I’m at about row 25, which really isn’t much fun to picture, so I won’t bore you with the details.

Oh, and I began swatching for my Tour knit-a-long fingerless gloves. Which has turned out to include more math then I was counting on, because the pattern says us US 0 to achieve 9sts per inch in your Fair Isle gauge. I am getting 10 sts per inch on US 1’s.  I have to try knitting with a larger size. Plus the pattern is giving me more math to figure out. The book says that if you get gauge, your gloves should have a circumference of 7 inches. However, I measured my hand, and if I chopped off my thumb, I think my hand has a circumference of closer to 8 inches. This is going to be some fun knitting, let me tell you.

I’m too tired to post pictures right now, so I will do so later and go take a nap. Or go to bed for the night, whichever it turns out to be! :o)

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  1. I hear you about the interview thing. I interviewed on a panel once where the following was said:

    “I am a qualified photocopier”
    “Last year I didn’t know a fing (sic) about IT, and now I’m going for a job on an ‘elp desk”
    “I left my last job because there was very low morality (sic) in my last job”

    Isn’t it the most hilarious thing?


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