Je fais…

un enchantillon! (a swatch!)

I have upped les aiguilles a tricoter* to a size US2, and still am getting somewhere between 9.5 and 10 stitches to the inch for my chantillon**. I’m supposed to be getting 9 sts per inch. So I am going to put the socks I am working in my size US3 onto waste yarn so I can start my gloves for the TDF KAL. The book I am knitting from, Knitting Fair Isle Mittens and Gloves, is not very helpful if you have never done this before, however luckily I have another book, Favorite Mittens, which gives great advice (with pictures!) for working with the yarn. The are both beautiful books with very nice Fair Isle patterns, however if you are new to mitten/glove construction or if you have not done much with Fair Isle, I would suggest Favorite Mittens to start with.

Not bad for my first fair isle, eh? I know it is a little uneven, but I’ll work on it. The reason I chose such a small project like gloves is that I am also working normal hours for a teacher the next week on a workshop for Biology. Yesterday we got to play with bugs and plants and today we observed biofilms! Fun stuff! So since I am working, I am not keeping up with my blogroll, so forgive me if I am not commenting on the interesting tidbits you are living right now. I know it is important to me to have people read and comment, so I want to return the favor (golden rule and all). Just give me a bit, I’ll catch back up!

*knitting needles


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