I'm Back!

I finally have all of my stuff in one place, where I can unpack and occupy space that is my own!*

So what have I been missing since I unplugged my computer?

  1. I have 165 emails waiting for me to read. (At least 100 of them are junk. I hate spam)
  2. I can finally get into all of my accounts that I had problems with previously.
  3. WordPress has made some updates to their post editor (not that I use it for this blog)
  4. I am way behind on blog reading. I have over 200 posts for the ones I read regularly, not including those that I skim on a irregular basis.
  5. I can respond to comments and post on my blog!

So what crafty plans have I been hatching innocent activities have I been enjoying?

  1. I have gotten about half way through the first Tour glove, which I will post about later.
  2. I have moved and reorganized my stash in my new home.
  3. I have my very own kitchen that I can cook and organize and do whatever I want in!
  4. I went to the Carroll County Sit and Knit, where I met some new knitterly friends. I did not take pictures. Mia from Knit & Play with Fire invited me, and she has a lot of bags to hold her knitting and notions! And a lot of socks in progress. She also was culling her stash, and I ended up with some pretty yarn.  I’m thinking of making a diagonal scarf.
  5. I realized I have one week to knit socks for my Sockapalooza pal. I have to go start them. Right NOW! 

More pics of new yarn later. And Tour de France updates.

* hubby says not to get too comfortable because we might have to move again soon, knowing our luck. after four moves in one year, i told him to bite his tongue.

0 thoughts on “I'm Back!

  1. Well, tell hubby to bite his tongue too. You do not need to move again. And if I ever get back to the sewing machine, I have a few of the bags already cut out and partially sewn. They just need the finishing touches. So you might be able to get one or two. Just keep telling me to clean up my studio.


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