Jumping on the Bandwagon

Ok, I admit it, I started knitting some Monkeys. I have been resisting with all of my stubborn will to keep from doing something because it seems everyone else is doing it. However I was looking at sock patterns, and Monkey was so right for the yarn I chose, so I went with it. It is a pretty cool pattern. I made a few mods, like going down a needle size then adding another repeat around the leg to make them the right size. I love the way they are turning out.

(See kitty helping again? She is very helpful)

However, I am now at the ankle, and since I have an odd number of repeats, I will have 2.5 repeats around the top of the foot and the rest will be the underside of the foot. Will it look strange? is there a way I can change the pattern? (I’m thinking there is, however I have to figure out where to place the heel so I can manage it.) We shall see what wonders I come up with.

Also, does anyone else love the feature of the queue on Ravelry? I love it! I add every pattern I see online that I want to knit. I think I have 70 patterns in my queue, which may not be as many as some people have, however it made me wonder how many can I add before it becomes overwhelming? Maybe if I put more notes in I’ll have more idea of what I liked about it or who I wanted to knit it for.

This weekend I made bread, lots of bread. There was banana bread and zucchini bread, two kinds of each. I think the best one was the Banana Carrot Bread, which I got off of the label for my new bread pans I bought (I needed more to make all of the bread.)

I also made zucchini chips. I had a bunch of zucchini still left after making bread, so I sliced it thinly, laid the slices on the dehydrator trays, seasoned with old bay, and let the dryer go the rest of the day. They turned out great, and husband loves them too! I need to make more so that I can keep some around, or else he will eat them all.

0 thoughts on “Jumping on the Bandwagon

  1. The sock looks great! What yarn is that?
    (Love the kitty, by the way.)
    The queue feature on Ravelry is the best thing ever. I’ve been using it to queue up things that I want to knit (obviously) but also to keep track of patterns that I want to choose between in the future. I’m going to be doing a lace shawl exchange at Christmas with a friend (we’re going to supply each other with the fixings to make a shawl) and I have all the shawls that I like in my queue so that it will make picking one easier when it’s time. I hope there’s no limit to the number we can put in the queue. It’s so much fun!


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