I’m sure that those of you that have blogs understand the problems with spam. I am always excited to get comments on my blog, so when I see a new one, I would like to think that someone is actually interested in my writing and what I am doing in my little chunk of the world. However, about 50% of the time it seems to be the comments to my blog come from spammers. Somewhat disappointing to read those, a bit of a let-down that it wasn’t really someone who is reading your blog. It does make me think though. Do you get paid to be a spammer? If so, I wonder what it takes to spam someone for a living. Do you get paid well? How much work is involved? Then I might be able to stay at home and knit all day. Or clean the house.* Although, I wouldn’t want to be the person people despise for filling their inbox with pharmaceutical adds and stock quotes.

*of course i would clean the house! what, you wouldn’t? :o)

0 thoughts on “Spam

  1. Spammers are scum. They’re like the people who graffiti otherwise lovely walls and bridges. They exist solely to destroy other people’s creativity and interfere with other people’s work. Scum.


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