Almost birthday gift

So, someone in blogland mentioned that there are new STR colorways, so I clicked the link, and got to thinking. My birthday is Saturday, why shouldn’t I get myself a present? Such pretty colors! I had to close the window though, because I don’t think I can narrow it down, and I haven’t bought any yarn since May (go me!) even though I am still getting some shipments from past orders, which doesn’t count. Yarn is pretty! It makes me happy! Now I need to knit faster so I can say I need some for a project.

Speaking of yarn I have received (but not purchased) in the past month, here is my last brightdyes sock club yarn. I got it yesterday.

Then, I got these from Astrids.***

The new Kaffe Fassett line (I got it on sale as a preorder, and I only really liked these colorways) from Regia in colors 4261 (the blue) and 4254 (the brown)


I also got some Opal, fairly close in color for both skeins, don’t you think? One just had some blue and yellow while the other had brown and lighter purple.

In other going-ons, have you seen Lime and Violets KnitWars? It is really cool, a way to play a RPG-like game with your knitting! Anytime you complete an adventure, you enter it into the site, and you gain XP and sometimes fight monsters. Totally geeky.

I am going to the Poconos, in PA, for a wedding of friends of ours this weekend. We will be staying there on a lake where they are getting married, and we will be coming back Sunday. I hope we get to do more than just the wedding, because the area is beautiful with lots of outdoor activities possible. At least I get cake and dancing for my b-day! (In fact, I was teasing them that they were so nice to throw me a party on my birthday!) When I get back, I am going to clean up my FO’s and office. You tell me if it needs it.

***ohhh! I went to look at astrids, and there are new trekking xxl colors called indian summer. I want 175 and 170

0 thoughts on “Almost birthday gift

  1. First of all Happy Birthday!!!! And you will love the STR. I am being good and not ordering any just yet. Of course, I did order some new yarn from elsewhere though. Yes, you will get to pet it to. Enjoy your weekend!!!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think a great way to treat yourself is some new STR! I love the new colorways! And thanks for the links to Astrid’s, what great sock yarn! Can I ask, what colorway is the first skein of Opal you have pictured? I must have it!!


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