Weekend Recap (lots of pictures!)

This past weekend was a lot of fun. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, I had a great time.

We went to PA for a wedding of one of our friends from college. It was held at Mountain Springs Lake, a resort in the Pocono’s. It was very pretty there, and the weather was great! We got there Friday night, took a walk around the lake and spent Saturday morning with friends, and danced after the wedding in the evening. Played ping-pong on Sunday, then headed for home. Here are some shots that will give you an idea of all that went on.

Lots of fun!

Davis gave me my presents when we got back. First he got me a Japanese craft book called Sock and Glove.

Not only does it tell you how to make sock monkeys, but also dogs, cats, birds, fish, sheep, elephants, pigs, mice, and even clothes for your sock pals. The pics are adorable.


He also got me these earrings from Nicholas & Felice.

Super geek! I love my husband!

I did knit a bunch this weekend, I finished the first of the Purple Monkeys. Tomorrow I am going to discuss how I altered them to fit the right size foot, if anyone is interested.

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