FO's and Cooking!

Since last week I finished two items, my purple Monkey socks and a Ball-band dish cloth.

I also started the second of the socks I am making for my mom.

This weekend was eventful. On Saturday I went to the Carroll County Sit and Knit, although Deb, Suz, and I were the only ones there. Suz was nice enough to give me a copy of Cables Untangled, which is very pretty. I haven’t tried cables yet, but after looking at this, I am very tempted to dump all of my WIP’s and jump right in. Thanks again, Suz!

To show off another of my interests, I had some very pretty food I made for dinner tonight, so I got out the camera so I could show you. First, caprese salad, with tomato from my mom’s garden.

Then I made a potato, swiss chard, rosmery and garlic dish. I think the chard looks like jewels among the potatoes. So pretty!

So what did you make for dinner?

0 thoughts on “FO's and Cooking!

  1. It must be in the air. I made some hummus as per Yarnhogs lunch ideas. Good husband had diced meatloaf, onions and tomatoes on pita bread. This morning I made a crazy yummy mix of banana, oats, honey, and peanut butter and we never make or eat anything we make so that this is one of the first blogs I saw tonight is very serendipitous and your food looks yummy.


  2. Lucky you to get Cables Untangled!!! That is one of the books on my to get list. Of course, there are some benefits to being the only other person at the sit and knit. Your socks are lovely.


  3. You are very welcome for the book.

    Last night for dinner we had barbecue sandwiches (Back home we call them “sloppy joes”), and i made a cucumber salad with green onions and soup cream…like my Grandma used to make.

    Tonight, it was just tomato sandwiches. Yummy.


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